Feeling Better and Stuffed Peppers

I am Feeling much better today I had a good day at work my neck felt much better this morning and I slept quite well last night so I am not going to take any Aleve tonight I think I will be Ok we will see in the morning…

Right now I am winding down to bed time I am hearing thunder  but no rain yet and there is a good football game on tonight Philadelphia and  the Colts so it can’t get any better(Well maybe it could) but I am content tonight but am anxious for Saturday to see my Steelers play again..

Mom called and told me she made stuffer peppers for me and mashed potatoes soo good but the bad news was she wrecked her car not bad she was pulling out of her friends driveway and hit a large rock and sort of mashed in the passenger door I told her since she has full coverage to go ahead and call the insurance company she has not has a claim for many years and they told her to go ahead and get an estimate and get it fixed so really no big deal and it wasn’t so I think she is Ok now

Enjoy Life