OK Day

Well, it is Friday my day at work went pretty well we were really short machinists and we are backing up with work our supervisor was a pain in the ass today overtime is still not allowed but we have plenty of work and he wants it all done well it is not going to happen he said tomorrow he wants me to build up a traction motor an install it which is no biggy except we will be short one machinist and we have 6 units needing serviced and to go North tomorrow so maybe the motor won’t get done we will see how the day goes….

Mom contacted the insurance company and they told her go ahead and make an appointment and get it fixed so she did that and I think Monday they will have it for a week and will give her a rental car so she is happy it is just too bad that happened I am going to have to keep an yey on her and her driving skills..

Nothing else new the Stuffed Peppers and Mashed Potatoes were delish I will finish them for lunch tomorrow..

Enjoy Life,