Not my Best Day

I had the chance to work overtime today and since  I had to be there anyhow i thought why not a day of overtime is unusual with the slow down so I woke up at the normal time and pulled out of my driveway at 6:13 AM 2 minutes later by the time i saw the headlights there was not a damn thing I could do, I was hit on my drivers door and the car continued back the side of my truck till it hit my left rear wheel tearing the rear differential from under my left side throwing my truck into the bank then to the other side of the road Damn I really liked that truck.

 as soon as i got out I saw the damage and was sick to my stomach the driver came back and asked if I was Ok I said I was and I asked him and he said he was then he said I guess we got too close back there I chuckled a bit and said it looks to me like you are the one that got too close the skid marks showed he ran into me he said yes i think I fell asleep. the police came and we exchanged info and he told him he was reaching for his coffee and ran into me so I got a copy of the police report and was towed back to my house, I took Mom’s car into work and gave my testomony and then came home to contact his insurance company well I mean his girlfriends as it was her car. While I was waiting I went and got a rental (2009 Chevy Silverado) LOL why not, anyhow the insurance called me (nationwide) and we went over it all and he told me her insurance was minimum and would only pay up to $5,000.00 for damage I told him Ok Hint for you that is not going to be enough so he did say his insurance on his car will take up the rest so he said don’t worry it all should be covered plus the rental and tow, I am going to try for my loss wages also. Damn I really liked that truck.

Not enjoying Life today