I think I can fix it

I went and took out my XM radio out of my truck and here both doors open and close so I looked under her a little bit better and I think if I go to the junk yard and buy a new matching differential I should be able to get it with the leaf springs still attached if not attached I can just buy them there so I can then reattach the emergency brake cable and brake lines and buy new shocks and a new matching rim. with this done it can be driven so I will go check the alignment and make sure the frame is not bent, if frame checks out I will get a 4 wheel alignment and have everything else gone over, if not then I will need to get the frame straightened,(expensive) I will need to loosen and realign the bed as it is pushed off center a little bit. With all this done I can then drive it until i get new doors and a bedside installed and repainted. So if the adjuster says to get it fixed then i will take it to the body shop and have it done, if they total it I will buy it back from the insurance company and fix it myself and I think I can do all that for maybe a couple thousand dollars the biggest expense will be the matching differential and the frame straightened if necessary so i am confident i will still keep my truck one way or another, I really like that truck..

I felt good today no pains from the roller coaster ride I took in fact i am going into work tomorrow early for a couple hours overtime how nice it that, Oh still waiting to hear from the adjuster to call me

Enjoy Life


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