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Yesterday i got a letter from the insurance company (Nationwide) it looked like a standard letter for someone with a claim so i called the number to speak to the guy who sent it, I gave him the claim number and he said yes he remembers talking to me I told him I had not heard from the adjuster yet he said i should have and then he gave me the adjuster’s name and phone number I just said I wanted to see if there was a problem he said no problem the other driver was at fault and they were going to take care of the damages i said you do know I am still in the rental he said yes that is fine they will pay $25.75 toward a rental, Yikes, The Big truck I have is costing $35.00 per day so I went back to Enterprise  and they told me since I drove a truck and they are responsible for it and I should be able to rent a truck so the girl told me contact the adjuster and see if they will authorize the extra money and she said if not then they will adjust the cost to the car price since I am already in the truck and would hate the Cobolt so i said Ok that will work fine for me.They are really nice people there…

I have been working 10 hours the last 3 days and we have been so busy I am really getting exhausted starting at 5:00 AM but can use the overtime money, tomorrow we are starting at the normal time 7:00 so I guess I can sort of sleep in and am looking forward to my 2 days off. Just can’t wait to sleep in, and also am anxious to find out what will become of my poor broken up truck but as long as they are paying for the rental well I can wait..

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