Football Night

Finally my weekend is beginning I took a nap after work today so i could stay up for the entire game today went well things are still slow but steady work so I guess that is good no overtime but am happy with the 6 hours I got during the week. I thought I would add a couple shots of my rental of course i need to put that truck in here..

It is a beautiful truck and runs great but then again it is a 2009 so it had better run well

I am thinking tomorrow I might cut and split wood no other plans and it is something that I need to get done I know it is early but I need to get this all cleaned up before i get another cord delivered the sooner I get it done the happier I will be that is getting to be a lot of work every fall but I really like buring wood for heat..

I was just outside and even though it is still summer i can just feel the fall in the air not cold but you can just tell, aside from the fact that winter is after fall it is my favorite time of the year got to get more riding time in before it is too late..

Enjoy Life,