so nice to be home

Vacations are always nice but I think it it always great to finally be home Mexico is a great vacation spot i think expecially since i know someone there to show me around…. this is way above Houston Texas.


The highlight for me was visiting the Pyramids in Veracruz it was a 12 hour drive but well worth it we stayed there for 2 days spent one day visiting the town and the gulf beach


and an entire day at the pyrimind it was really something to see a great experience for me i can't believe how few people were there during our visit but then again it was a Thursday, and the fresh shrimp I had for dinner was to die for better than anything I have ever had here..

We got home from there late Friday night and had delishous Tacos for dinner at this cool resturand that did not have walls just a roof and wide open but they had the greatest tasting tacos I have ever had it was a good end to the day. Saturday we went to visit this town that i was amazed by it we went to a womans house to buy fresh bread and drove through town it was like the town was stuck 50 years ago people were cooking and selling coen on the cob on the streets as well as chicken, ribs and pretty much anything you wanted and riding houses on the streets just like cars and quads , it was mostly dirt roads, Oh this was nasty this guy was butchering a cow in the counter and after he got it cut up it was just sitting on the counter out in the open and he was waiting for people to come and buy it you just went up to him and said what steak you wanted and he sliced it off wrpped it up and there was your meat fresh no doubt but not very unsanitary I have a picture of him cutting it up but it is on my cell will transfer to computer and post it, also we went in this cute little resturant and bought a mess of homemade candy which is delishous


after thad we went to a friends house and had goat for dinner.. All in all it was a great cacation a lot more happened and i have more pictures to post, again with all the good times i am exhausted and glad to be home..


Enjoy Life