Will not stop raining

I thought by now the rain would stop but it looks like the weather had different plans, so since Steelers will be starting at 4:00 I guess i am in for the day and will not get any work done on my wood pile..


Oh my truck was picked up on Friday to go to the shop for repairs I still don't have the money from the insurance company I sent in the title 3 weeks ago and have been waiting for the salvage certificate nationwide will not give me the money till I show the certificate so monday i will go to the notary that sent it in to see if she can find out where it is I am a bit anxious to get my money but once that is done I should be getting my truck back in a few weeks but in the mean time my good old faithfull 96 Ranger is still running good and getting me around Ok..

oh here is that picture of the guy cutting up the meat outdoors at that little town I visited in Mexico still can't get over all the things going on in that little place but glad I got to see it makes me appreciate home…



Enjoy Life



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