So Cold

Summer is gone here last night it got down into the 30s I still jhave not lit my gas furnace the wood burner has been doing just fine except for mornings it is quite chilly for getting out of bed, so tomorrow i am going to clean out and light the pilot light I was going to do it tonight but as it is nice and warm not the furnace will be kicking on during the night I would rather be awake for the first burn, so tomorrow I will do it after work and let it run to warm up the house then if something goes wrong I will be here and awake so one more cold morning..


I worked last Sunday for a day of overtime am glad of that i will be needing the extra money for when my truck is done, as the insurance company did not give me enough money to get it fixed, I only got $5000.00 as the girl had only the state minimum so to get the rest I would have to sue, so I am just going to eat the rest of what I need I just want my truck back should be ready in a couple weeks..


Enjoy Life


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