Indian summer is over

We have had a little strech of great weather but I am thinking it is over it got a lot colder today and rain all day and suppose to rain tonight and tomorrow, So time to admit summer is long gone. I got my last cord of wood all split and stacked I finished it last night Crista stopped after work and helped me finish it up and glad that job is over every year it seems to get harder and harder..

My truck is coming along the new rear end is installed and new springs and shocks the bed is off and he is waiting for the new bedside to come so he can put that on and get it painted and reinstalled, the insurance company still has not come through with all my money the first check was for $4500.00 as the girl who owns the car had minimum insurance that would only pay $5000.00 on another vehicle, so they are going after the drivers insurance for the rest I was short $1819.00 so hopefully I will get that money before the truck is done. In the meantime my old truck is getting me around just fine.

My furance is all cleaned out and serviced and ready to go the chimney really needed cleaned out but it is all goon now and ready to run still I am just using my wood burner little chilly in the mornings but saving me on my natural gas bill..


Enjoy Life