Insurance check

Monday nationwide called me and the adjuster left me a message telling me I should recieve my check for the remainder of the money for my truck by Friday so am much happier but don't want to count my chickens till I see the check, I have not checked on the progress of the repairs since a week ago monday and since I worked overtime last Sunday just did not have time Monday so hopefully it is coming along..


So cold this week but the weekend looks good and al glad of that I was mulching my leaves when my tractor broke a drive belt Had to order one and hopefully it will be here by the weekend so i can get it running again right now it is sitting in the middle of my yard want to get the leaves done and put away for the winter..


Nothing else new took Mom shopping for Holiday goodies and she found a deal on a turkey for .40 per pound so in addition to the 2 she bought for thanksgiving and Christmas she aslo but that one and cooked it for me today so delish will do for a few lunches for me for work I hope i don't have to work this Sunday but will not turn it down..


My back hurts much be the weather change..


Enjoy Life