I hate leaves, but love to high rail

I really do not like the leaf problem I have this time of year usually i just wait till spring and then rake and rake and rake but I think my yard suffers with the leaves sitting all winter so this year i decided to mulch them all up with my tractor that worked well till last weekend i hit a branch i did not see and sure enough it jammed up under the tractor and broke the drive belt so it sat for a week till I got a new belt i put it on Saturday after work and that was quite a pain in the ass but finally i got it on and have been working on getting my yard cleaned up..

Still a lot of leaves to fall down but the worse of it is done and chopped up

I got my check from the insurance company so I will deposit it Monday as the bank is switching over from national City to PNC and they are all closed for the weekend so after I visit the bank then will check on my truck I am getting anxious for it and hope it is close to being done now that I will have enough money to get it done.

Had a great couple days at work washing a locomotive may not sound like a fun job but I volunteered for it as it had to be really clean for a photo session it was planed for the calendar they always make and send to us. i think it turned out good. then the next day we went and what is called High railed that is when we use the service truck with special wheels and set on the tracks and run as much as we can without interrupting the train schedule we had to mark all the clearance points  for the side tracks so they leave plenty of room as to avoid a sideswipe got to see a lot of good scenery..

Enjoy Life


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