Finally Done

Yesterday was my only day off as i worked Sunday I just can't turn down overtime as it is not offered too often, So Monday I was going to call about my truck when I got a call that it was done really great news for me so I went and picked it up and took it to the alignment shop to get a few little things done like the alignment and oil change it needed a tie rod end so it will be done tomorrow. Once that is done, next monday i have to have it inspected and apply for the reconstructed title and the funny thing is i need to transfer the plates from it back on it as it will have a new title LOL so confusing but finally it is done and it had $5000.00 in repairs and another $500.00 in taxes and transfer fees so that left me with around $600.00 left over for all the aggrivations.



Our weather has been great so far but they say it will turn colder toward Thanksgiving but then warm up winter is here though and am burning wood like crazy but on the bright side only 12 weeks left of winter how is that for optimism might as well try to find a silver lining there somewhere..

Enjoy Life


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