Truck is all Done

My Truck is finally all finished all paperwork is done and i have been driving it for the past week is is fine no side affects of the accident and since I had gotten all the insurance money after a lot of crap, I came out ahead around $800.00 not much, but better than being in the hole all i wanted was my truck back and it is done..I think they did a great job….

Work has been really good I have been working 6 days a week I am not complaining I know so many people are out of work and hurting I was there once so i am thankfull for my job and the overtime I will not turn it down cause I know it will end soon so putting as much away as possible for my rainy day fund..

We had a good Thanksgiving although Mom was sick in bed all day i had gone over the day before and helped with all the cooking and she was Ok I am thinking she over did it and that might have been why she was sick she gets this once in a while where she is real dizzy and throwing up and can't get out of bed or ever open her eyes finally I got her to hold down some ginger ale and then once she could hold down her meds then she started to get better the girls were there all day and they cleaned up and got her house back in order before they left that really helped. So now on to Christmas some of my shopping is done but still need a few things will try to get that all done this week…

We has snow yesterday I hated to see that i working outside all day but as usual wheather I like it or not winter is here…


Enjoy Life


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