Weekend Finally

I finally got me week done I turned down the overtime i guess i should have worked but I worked the last 3 weekends and i just want 2 days off my boss asked me again and I politly turned him down sure glad he did not force OT on my they can do that once a year and i have not had it yet but it looks like I now have 2 days off..

We were so busy today I guess freight is picking up we are hauling a lot of coal amd glad to see that happenning, today right at quitting time i hard air blowing for a relief valve on an engine that was schelded to go at 15:00 and it was 14:30 I decided to go ahead and change the valve and sure enough I was rushing and the pipe wrench slipped and pinched my pinky between the wrench and the engine after the inital pain subsided i finished the job that took care of it but I took my glove off and it was full of blood and it hurt like hell I washed it and put a bandage on it but it still feels funny and it all swelled up not sure but i think I broke the damn thing SIGH at least I have 2 days off..

I got home and built a nice toasty fire as it was freezing out today and I finally am starting to thaw out I think I am going to be lazy tonight and do nothing , Oh scratch that I need to put the battery on charge for my Quad it is dead again and tomorrow I need to put the plow on so I am ready for the on coming snow. so i might as well go ahead and get some laundry done Can't wash dishes because of my sore pinky LOL good excuse I hate washing dishes.. 

Enjoy Life