Super lazy Day

I did not wake up till after 8:00 this morning I wanted to get up earlier but just could not get to sleep last night but after i did wake up I was glad to be off work as we had some really bad freezing rain this morning a lot of roads were shut down so It was a good day to be off work, I was really lazy all day bertha wanted out but from the looks of the sidewalk I could just see her hitting it on a run and go down and break a bone as old as she is so i made her wait which was just as well she also does not like going out in the rain.

Around 3:00 I called Mom to see if she wanted to go out to eat of course she said yes so I took her down to Kings, I had noodles and beef tips not that good the tips were too tough for my taste but it was OK I brought desert home and just ate it a bit ago, Other than that I did a load of laundry and took out the trash so now I am settled in for Sunday Night Football Eagles and Giants should be a good game. Tomorrow I am taking Mom into Butler so she can finish her Christmas shopping and hopefully get the plow on the quad..

Enjoy Life


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