Coffee + Keyboard = Bad

A couple days ago i spilled and entire cup of coffee on my keyboard and since i learned that is a bad thing yesterday i had to go get a new one i tore the old one apart and tried to clean it but it was too late had to put it to rest on the good side i found a pretty nice one for $16.00 ay Staples and it works good so i am back in business I saw a laptop ther i want to buy for myself for Christmas it is a Dell and it is $599.00 I am no computer expert but it looks like a good one maybe am still thinking about it since i have all my shopping done I may just go ahead and get it, I still want to get something else for Sam and Alex but could get by with what i already got them..

I worked 5:00 this morning till 3:30 and will be working that same shift tomorrow the overtime is nice but 10 hours really wear me out. I decided not to put up a tree this year I don't know why I guess since it is just me here and Bertha could care less so decided to  just scratch the tree this year..

So cold here now this morning was 18 degrees and i am working outside all day but I just layered up and was ok, I sure do like my remote start on my truck LOL it is nice to hit the button and when I leave the truck is nice and warm up. I got my electrical job done the woman who I did it for called and she is just so thrilled with the new light I put on her deck for her and i also put in another outlet for her, I did not charge her I told her Merry Christmas that one is on me she could not have been happier..

Going to go shower and am planning on bed at 8:00 tonight..

Enjoy Life


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