Way too Cold

All the holidays were nice Mom felt good over Christmas she did not over do it as she did on Thanksgiving I went over on Christmas eve to help her with all the food prep and it all went well and everybody had a good time I got a clock that has voice command LOL so cool i have it in the bedroom still am using my old alarm clock also still don't trust it but so far it works good also Cris got me a trash can that has a motion sensor to open the lid I  like that at least it keeps Bertha out of it but everytime I walk into the kitchen it opens but very cool..

I just stayed home for New years eve, was not in the mood to go out and did not make plans so I was just in for the evening and the New Year came just as well as if I had gone out. I worked yesterday it was my scheduled day and am off today am glad I decided to stay home I had my choice of working overtime today or tomorrow i chose tomorrow to work and as it is 7 degrees out today am glad to be in and keeping wood in the burner going..

They were calling for a lot of snow overnight last night and today but it did not happen just in case I went and got gas for the quad $14.28 for 5 gallons I can still remember when it only cost a couple dollars to fill a 5 gallon can but I can't change that miss the good old days. It will be a good day to stay inside am looking forward to staying warm and watching some football I am thinking this will be the last game of the season for the Steelers at this point they don't stand much of a chance of making the playoffs but I guess you can't win them all..

Friday i had the bright idea to sleep on the couch to keep the wood burners going all night and of course pulled something in my shoulder it hurt all day yesterday and last night so finally this morning I broke down and took a couple Aleve a bit ago and  it is beginning to feel a lot better it sucks getting old sometimes..

Enjoy Life


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