Weekend Away

We went another year accident free so this was the weekend the company treated us to a weekend in Erie PA and an overnight stay and a night at the casino plus a big dinner celebration it was OK I woke up Saturday morning with a small nagging headache and it stayed all day but despite that it was a good time i of course lost all the $100.00 they gave us for the casino and i know enough not to take any more as i am not a very lucky person. Something went wrong while driving to my friends house Saturday morning ( he drove up this year) there was a loud squeaking noise coming from the front end of my truck so after i got home I took the front tires off to take a look see but did not find any problems so will go ahead and drive in in the morning to see what happens. We have been working 10 hours per day 6 days per week I am not complaining but it sure does wear me out so 2 days off was nice..

On the way home we stopped in Meadville so Doug's wife could buy some boots and a really cool boot store they had so much stuff there i just had to buy a new sweatshirt it was only $19.00 zipper front with a hood and really warm it is still cool here so I will be using it for maybe an another month or so till it warms up, After that we saw a couple old Alco locomotives working near by so we stopped to watch them for a bit and I saw a small park where there was these huge old metal working machines they were really cool looking and i love old obsolete machinery like that so I got out and took a few pictures.

That is all that is going on spring weather in right around the corner and work is work, almost time to get the Harley out..

Enjoy Life


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