Safety Lunch

Todaywas busy at work as usual I have been working 6, 10hr days per week the money is nice but it is wearing me out I am trying to build up my savings before they cut out the OT so I have just been going to bed early and making sure i get plenty of sleep. Today we had our safety Lunch for going 2 1/2 years accident free plus got a new shirt and hat. We had these really great Steaks, baked potatoes and green beans and salad and for desert klondykes it was really good and I have to admit i did not get much done after i ate that great lunch.


Not much else new Spring is finally here I still have wood left over that is unusual usually I use all 3 cords so I guess I will have some leftover although I have been lighting the burner before I leave for work been some cold mornings. Mom is doing really well she is excited about spring and getting her yard work started. For a change my grass has mostly grown back that is the first time in years it has grown back and soon here I need to get started mowing.


All I need now it is get the Harley out still been a little too cold for that she is still in the garage covered up maybe this weekend I will uncover her and charge up the battery and get ready for some riding, I think I need a nice long ride..

Enjoy Life,


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