Hosta lillies ???

Was hard going back to work after a week off but after a couple days I was fine and I am back in the routine of work we are still working 10 hour days but now it is not mandatory but i figure as long as they are offering it I may as well take it I am off today but will be working tomorrow which is suppose to be my rest day. I got a few things done today did all my dishes and decided to clean out the fridge well another sink full of dishes to do but I will get them done today, also did a couplle loads of laundry otherwise was a bit lazy today the weather people are threatening rain for today but have not seen any yet. Mom came over yesterday after work with some plants for around my tree i think they are called Hosta Lillies I think anyhow they are suppose to grow good in the shade.                       

It looks good I guess i should do more work in the yard like that I have never been one for plants and flowers but what the heck Mom wants all this stuff done and her place looks really good she is always out fussing in the yard so whatever she wants who am I to argue it is for the better so I guesss i am going to stop at Lowes next week and pick up some more of that fancy fence and some top soil.

I have decided to start working on my winter supply of wood sounds funny being it is 80 degrees outside today but the wood guy told me he was going to have to raise the price per cord no suprise everything is going up but he told me if I ordered my wood in June or July he would give me last years price so might as well get the better price and have my wood done early. My plan is for this winter to be my last for using wood for heat I will or should say might have enough saved for new siding and windows on my house plus a new furnace but I want to pay cash which will be around $13,000.00 for all of it I am on my way and if the overtime keeps up i should be able to pull it off if I can just stay out of the Harley shop we will see. Also Kellys wedding is nexy July so i will need money for that so far only about $2000.00 but I am sure by next year it will be more you know how wedding plans go..

Enjoy Life