Gazebo and feeling bitchy

I had a good fathers day Cris could not come but Kelly and the kids were there so I was happy and i helped her pick out the menu for her wedding reception so that was fun and here is mom’s gazebo it turned out great and she is thrilled with it..


My Internet server really sucks I have been having a lot of trouble with it so after calling tech support for 3 weeks now with no results I decided to switch from DSL to Cable Internet it has to be better i have no service when it rains and with the amount of money I am paying I thinks it should work all the time so I am in the process of switching all my email to my yahoo account then I will change ISP and cancel the crap I have right now

Today was a hard day at work I am just so tired and my leg hurts really bad am looking forward to a nice hot shower and my bed, still am waiting on a load of laundry to get done, Oh and when I went downstairs to put the laundry the basement floor was so damp my feet actually got wet so I emptied the dehumidifier and turned it on that should help just have to keep on top of it it has been so hot and humid lately .. I have more pictures but it is taking too long to upload so better post this before i lose it   GRRRRRRRRRRR

Enjoy Life