Up Early

Woke up at 6:00 this morning so nice to have a day off it is suppose to be hot and humid today so I think I am going to get some inside work done today my house needs a good cleaning and of course I am going to go for a ride sometime today. Cris took me to Applebee's for dinner Friday for late fathers day I had a Ruben sandwich it was good but was not that hungry as the company had a picnic for us during the day for our good safety record so I ate too much all day.

Thursday I had to take Bertha to the vet that is always so dramatic but it went well she got her shots and is doing well she lost 40 pounds since last visit she now weighs 90 pounds the vet says everything looks good she is just getting old but doing good for her weight and being 12 years old.

Last night my internet was working good for a change so i ordered some parts for my old bike want to get that project done here sometimes before winter. September is my second week of vacation i am going to Cancun I have never been there but it looks beautiful I just hope the oil slick stays away from there..

Enjoy Life