New Engine show

Finally the heat has let up a bit and it is raining right now we really needed it things are so dry I hope it rains all night. I think things are finally ready for Monday the new Locomotive arrived last night and i am pretty sure the shop is all ready we spent the last month getting ready for this big show I hope all goes well I am working both Saturday and Sunday just to do some last minute cleaning up.

I took these pictures today right when it was starting to rain but from where it was sitting it was hard to get good pictures should get some good ones Monday.

This is some of the shop area I have never seen it so cleaned up right now everything is spotless I just hope we can keep it that way in a month we are getting an enviormental inspection from the government that is going to involve even more cleaning and organizeing but it will all be over the middle of August and that goes for the overtime also but that is OK I need the rest these long hours are wearing me down..Oh it is raining and I actually have internet am glad I switched providers

Enjoy Life


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