Nice lunch at work

We had a cookout at work today it was to celebrate 1000 days injury free it was a good lunch but just burgers and hot dogs but still nice of then to do that plus we got really nice gray sweat shirts, our next celebration will be 3 years injury free it will be in about 65 days and for that one we get surf and turf and the best is we get an other day off with pay that I am really anxious for love paid days off.  Work is still busy but we are getting caught up i am still working 6, 10 hour days per week but I suspect that will end soon honestly I am looking forward to starting at 7:00 again this 5:00 am is wearing me down but am glad I have such a good job and will work the OT till it ends.

Weather has been really hot so I have been spending a lot of time on the Harley which I enjoy to no end. am going to have to start my wood for the winter dread the splitting and stacking but will be happy when the weather turns cold.

One month till Cancun vacation

Enjoy Life