Work Slow Down

They finally cut all the overtime things are slowing down at work in a way I am glad I do so need the rest last weekend was my first 2 day weekend I needed it, a couple weeks ago I got my first cord of wood I started to split it and after about an hour I came in to get cooled off and when I sat down I had this real bad pain in my side I assumed I pulled something splitting but as time went by it did not get better I kept at the wood and work but last Friday it seemed to peak it was real bad Friday all day then I had to go pick up my pig and then Saturday I had a birthday party after work I was so miserable made me think maybe it was a kidney infection then I got really worried so all day Sunday I just took the day off and laid on a heating pad and kept rubbing mineral ice in it. monday seemed a little bit better so I stacked my wood and got some chores done around the house by the end of the day it was hurting again, so this morning I went to work and took 3 advil by noon it was feeling pretty good and right now almost no pain so I think it is pretty much getting better whatever it was..

So back to the pig, a year ago my co worker who has a farm mentioned he got some new small pigs he was raising for the meat I said I would like to have some so a few weeks ago he said he was taking them to the butcher and asked if I still wanted one i said yes and finally picked it up Friday it is really good and it came out to a little over $2.00 per pound I got so much sausage, pork chops pork steaks and bacon and it is all really good glad I got it.

Other than that all it normal Mom is doing well. The weather is so hot but this weekend it is suppose to slow down hopefully it will would like to have all my wood done before vacation

Enjoy Life


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  1. Just be careful that you are not feeling better because of the Advil but the underlying thing, whatever it is, might just be being masked. Most likely you pulled a muscle or something and it was inflamed and the Advil helped that. Seems likely but it’s never good to ignore something like for too long. 🙂

    Guess you must heat by wood stove? We do too here.

    Glad you are able to get some rest with the slow down.

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