I know I will regret this in the middle of winter when it is below 0 F but it is a relief to be cooler weather this morning began 47 degrees F nice sleeping weather so this is my second day off another 2 day weekend I am working on my second cord of wood I am almost done splitting it and still need to get it stacked I would like to get that much done today, then I can get my third cord delivered before i go on vacation then when I get home I can finish up that cord, clean out my wood burner and chimney then I will be sitting good for winter, of course It would not break my heart to have a mild winter but who knows, but i will be ready whatever comes.

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Aside from the wood I did get some chores done like my laundry, dishes , and can actually see my kitchen table top. I do not have and picnic plans for the day I just need to take Mom to Giant Eagle to get some shopping done then just enjoy a paid day off from work. My side pain is totally gone it feels good to feel good.

Enjoy Life,