Packed and Ready (I think)


I am glad I took a personal day today I had a lot to get done but finally I think I am done luggage is packed, truck is filled up with gas, found my spare glasses that was an issue, but i prevailed I cleaned out my truck and checked under the hood so all is well it is an hour drive to the airport ( leaving my house at 3:00 AM) so now am going to just relax a bit and hopefully I will get a little sleep tonight. I arrive in Monterey Mexico around Noon Sunday then will spent the day Monday in Saltillo there is a leather shop I want to visit and will be visiting the rest of my friends through out the day.Then Tuesday Morning it is off to the airport in Monterey to fly to Cancun I will be there till Thursday then fly back to Monterey in the evening, Friday a day of recovery and a BBQ to say good bye to everybody, then Saturday I will fly home should be back in Pittsburgh around 8:00 PM. I will still have Sunday and Monday off work and since i had my last cord of wood delivered this morning I will be busy those 2 days splitting and stacking, then back to work, LOL already seems like too short of a vacation.

Enjoy Life


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