getting back to normal

My first day back to work (Tuesday) was quite the chore I was so dead tired by the end of the day vacation hangover I guess, Today was a lot better we were real busy and the day went by fast so it is back to normal 2 more days till weekend. Everyday when I pull in my driveway I see that cord of wood waiting for me but since it has been in the 80s I thought I would wait till the weekend they say 69 Saturday and Sunday so i will get on it Saturday evening and maybe finish it Sunday..

Kelly stopped over the other day so I could give them their souvenirs from Cancun and I was talking to Ales(my grandson) and he was telling me he is not playing soccer that is good because he was having a lot of problems in school so he actually told me he needs to behave in school and get good grades because he love playing soccer that was great news for me, and Sam is still working at Friedmans and really likes he job and making money so as of now all is good..

Enjoy Life


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