Never go shopping hungry

I had to go shoppng today i was totally out of food and goodies so after a trip to Lowes to pick up a set of jack stands for my truck I hit Giant Eagle damn $92.00 later I was done I know better than to go shopping hungry so i got what I needed for the week plus Reeses chips ahoy cookies, a Homemade Pumpkin roll, a package of Apple fruit bites, a bag of 3 Musketers fun size bars LOL plenty of junk and of course I did get some real food. I got home and Bertha had her I just ate the bird look on her face but could not find anything she got into still don't know what that was about..

Yesterday i took Mom to this really big flea market in Butler I found some things I did not really need but what the heck i bought them what are flea markets for to buy other peoples junk, but we had a good time and it was nice to spend the day with Mom, that we went to Apple Bees for lunch/dinner and i got home in time for the Steelers which we beat Browns thank goodness that makes us 4 and 1 looking good for the season..

I just finished up reading "Life as we knew it" by Susan Beth Pfeffer. I really liked it I have a reading addiction once i start a good book I can't stop till I finish it. but i can't start my next one till I get my truck done (Lord of the Flies) I have to change the exhaust manifold and oil pan gasket and throttle cable then get it inspected but i see it started to rain so I might just stick with my inside chores for the rest of the day..

The weather is turning much colder I had the fire lit today but it went out while I was shopping so I just put on a sweat shirt but I might have to go fire it up getting cooler I think winter is right around the corner the leaves are really turning fast lots of beautifull colors I see on my way home will have to get some pictures before the all fall off

Enjoy Life


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