Long Weekend

Well christmas was a success we all went to Mom;s for the day it was a fun day although my grandchildren are getting to that age where they just want gift certifcates for certain stores but they were happy with them. Mom got me Kindle ebook reader I love that thing it has a cover with a light much easier for me to read I have been using it quite a bit as I have had the last 4 days off work and doing a lot of catching up with my inside work, reading and keeping logs on the fire. We missed out on the big storm it went south of us then up the east coast I feel bad for people in the area I see the coverage on tv and it looks really bad. For us here it just flurries and is cold and windy I do see later on in the week it is going to warm up they are teasing us with 50 degrees on Saturday I get another 4 day weekend coming I am going to enjoy that. No plans for New years celebrations this year might just stay home.

Work is going well not too busy just enough to keep us going and that is fine with me i am still burned out from all that overtime.

Stay warm'