Happy Valentines Day

Finally it is looking like the weather might break the last couple days have been bearable to hopefully the ground hog was right and we may have an early spring, I so need it to warm up and get outside. But time will tell at least this week is looking good. Today was my Sunday was fairly lazy today took Mom to grocery store and took out the trash and checked mail that was all I did outside beside bring in wood for the burner…

Saturday Night I went to eat with the safety committee we always go to a nice resturant once a year and really splurge this year we went to a place called Ichiban Steak house it was great it was a place where they come out and cook the food right in front of you a great show and really delish food and lots of it.

Of course I had way too much to drink and i mean way too much fortunatly I did not drive but damn what a hangover i had just way too old to be doing that crap but I had a really great time

Enjoy Life


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