This morning I walked 4.7 miles I thought it was 5 but my phone said 4.7 so a little farther tomorrow I felt pretty good this morning so if it does not rain, tomorrow I will go my first 5 and will just I think keep it at 5 when I lose about another 10 I plan on buying a good mountain bike the trail is 20 miles long so I will switch from riding the bike to walking.

I did not feel like making breakfast so I went down the road to this little dinner and had breakfast it was excellent I had a 3 egg omelet with sausage and cheese. I mowed when I got home but that is all I need to run weed wacker but doubt I will be doing that today just don’t feel like it that is pretty much for today, oh first of month so git my check deposited today that is a good thing was getting a little low on funds.

Enjoy Life,