i did not go for my walk yesterday it rained a good bit of the day so I figured a day off wouldn’t hurt. My neighbor cut down a nasty dead tree that was sort of on both of our property’s , I have lived here for 35 years I think they have been here maybe like 20 maybe a little less anyhow I never talked to the guy just never had the occasion and I am pretty much private person these days, anyhow I went out and we chatted for about an hour he has a nice 70 Nova he restored and of course I showed him my 57s it was a fun day getting to know him he is a really nice guy.

went walking today 4.7 miles my foot was starting to hurt so I cut it short maybe 5 tomorrow, I have been torn as to weather or not to pay off my truck I had the money saved up but kept thinking I should hang on to it but today I pulled the plug and did it, that only leaves me $ 550.00 I savings but will save me $ 315.00 per month so I can save back up.

Enjoy Life


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