Gutter work

We had a good little rain I think it was yesterday and instantly my gutters overflowed good sign they need cleaned, so up I go and they were not too bad except for the end where downspout is I cleaned that and water flowed so big job out of the way, and while I put my ladder away I thought I might as well dive into the exhaust leak on my car and that was not too awfully bad either, the previous owner tightened the nut holding pipe to manifold up but ran out of thread and just left it loose thus creating exhaust leak I simply took nut off put in a spacer and tightened it up and just like that no more exhaust leak


That is about all for today oh I did do my 5 miles this morning not many people on trail today the people I did see were new I guess since school is out must make a difference I don’t know I do know my hike is getting a bit easier been doing 5 miles for 8 days now


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