Fall weather

Well according to weather guys 88 degrees weather I’d gone they say we will be lucky to see 60 tomorrow they only good thing about that is it will be cooler for walking in morning.

I am ready for winter I guess I might as well be as it’s coming one way or another, got to ride my bike a good bit this summer however didn’t get the car out as much as I wanted to it is the brake system problem this winter I am changing front drums to disk and putting vacuum booster on it that has to make a difference plus it is hopefully going to body shop if the estimate is not too high.

Mom is slowly getting better damn Lyme disease really took a toll on her but she seems to be getting better sure is taking A long time though. I got out to a lot of things this summer we’re i didn’t that much when I was working as I was just too tired but now it is fun going to different festivals in the area.


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