Well I guess summer is officially over so cold out today, I went for breakfast only ate half brought the rest home with me another thing I am trying with my weight loss struggle is I love to eat out so I always take half home with me for later, has it helped ? No but I figure can’t hurt I will continue doing so.

I hurt my back moving a stove for my daughter it was finally starting to feel better when I did a dumb Thing I was working on my car the front end is up on jack stands and I was reaching across to pull a plug from carburetor couldn’t quite reach it so I kind of jumped sidewise and felt my rib pop as I landed on fender, yes cracked a rib and that hurts like hell.

Thanksgiving went good Marleys eye surgery went good also her stitches are out and she seems to be feeling pretty good and I think she can see much better.

I love Christmas season but not when it is over starting first of year not much to look forward to except spring kind of depressing but that’s ok I will get over it I love retirement


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