Furnace trouble

It was about 8:30 this morning I was feeling a little chilly I always wear sweatshirt in house but it was just not feeling right checked thermostat and it said it was 68 I keep my furnace at 72 so I know trouble I checked breaker box no tripped breaker, didn’t know what else to do fairly new 2012 furnace so all pretty much electronic, so called local company who installed it left a message they called back 1/2 hour later told me parts were 10 year warrantee and they would have someone over this morning, sure enough the guy showed up at 9:30 was bad pressure switch had it up and running by 10:00, relieved me of $ 140.00 plus $ 20.00 Christmas tip so I am back in business.

went walking yesterday on trail it has been almost a month since I have been out there after hurting my back, wow makes a difference my legs hurt, did 3 miles, going to have to keep that up and stay in shape.