One year ago

Exactly one year ago today December 20th 2018 was my last day of work I was really looking forward to Retirment and it has been great I got myself comfortable financially so I am doing ok well except for December with Christmas it is always a little stretched out but I am fine, I always have something to do if not I am in my garage tinkering with my old cars, and now with Mom being sick I am extra busy but all in all life is good.

glad my furnace broke when it did as it was 15 this morning, I think I got all my Christmas chores in order it is like pulling teeth to find out what the girls want I figured a couple thinks and will make up the rest with cash that always seems to work.

health wise things seem ok had a ct scan done again on my lungs and a sonogram done don’t know why but she wants me to go to a specialist for a consultation I guess she wants a second opinion I don’t know will wait till after holidays to get that done


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  1. Isn’t it funny how many things there are to do to keep a household running smoothly? One wonders how we ever had time for anything else! 🙂 Have a Happy Christmas.

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