Still winter

Our weather has been strange to say the least not anything like winter used to be but I will take it. Last Saturday in Butler they has ice carving show, it was great just about freezing temps and really sunny that kept the ice from melting I have a ton of pictures but for some reason I can’t upload them I try but I just keep getting a message saying the uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/blogs.dir/41/files/2020/02. I don’t know I will keep messing with it I guess

At least with the decent weather I have been able to get my walking time in usually I walk 4 miles on trail it is still kind of muddy to have not been out on my new bike yet waiting for dryer trail, right now my weight loss has stalled hopefully it is just temporary they say you can work through a plateau like this I will keep working on it though I am down total 24 pounds not a lot but am getting there

That’s all for now I love retirement

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