In like a lion

Well it is still February but seem March is going to come in like a lion that is fine with me sooner the better for spring to get here

From my kitchen window yesterday

And all of a sudden I can again upload pictures I guess the problem too care of itself

These are just a couple pictures from the ice carving event in Butler was a bright sunny day but cold.
Today I am just going to try to finish up the work in front end of car, installing my new idler arm I got for Christmas then get it up for a front end alignment then will,be ready to go I am putting off body work and paint for another year.

Oh god the stock market I am down around $ 5000.00 so far of course it was my profit that I had made the last 6 months I suppose nothing to do bu ride it out I have time as seen in the past it will recover but damn what a loss I just try not to think about it, I don’t need my 401K for living on just nice to have it there for back up, even if I lost it all, which won’t happen, I will still be ok will just need to cut back on traveling so much.

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