Ritz crackers

Well first if got my gas gauge fixed in my car took pulling tank out 4 times but I got it such a dumb problem these days I am just not as sharp as I used to me everything I read about it says put external ground I did drilled a small hole in trunk pan and ran a wire to it what I didn’t do was grind away the pain for a better connection that is all it took, oh well I am an expert on removing gas tank on 57 chevys.

this morning I realized I was out of ritz crackers sigh that means a trip to the store scary these day, so I went to Dollar General right up the road for me the store looked pretty well stocked I didn’t walk through to see what all was there I just needed crackers so they had them much to my delight so went to counter to pay the cranky girl there I tried to be polite I said things look pretty calm here she said yes till the weekend then everybody will be here buying everything again, she said I thought people weren’t suppose to go out then rudely walked away, I let it go I just wanted crackers.

decided to get out on trail today starting to warm up a bit sun was shining and it felt good saw some people out walking there dog, and out with kids it was refreshing seeing people being out and about just wanted to get my exercise got my 4 miles in. I am almost out of ketchup I might have to go out and get yelled at again tomorrow.

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