Bike ride and masks

Today I went to Walgreens to pick up my prescription then on way home I stopped at trail I keep my bike in bed of my truck so decided on a ride, trail is uphill for about 7 miles from Butler so I decided to start right there dang whole new set of muscles mused as opposed to walking this ride I made it 2.44 miles to gun club had to stop and rest my legs 3 times will take a while but I will get stronger ride back was downhill so that part was fun.

This sign cracked me up how do you be careful of bullets

So with ride done , met some really nice people today on trail, I just came home had dinner and proceeded to attempt another mask I have been experimenting I can’t sew and don’t have sewing machine so I use rubber bands and fabric glue so far I like this one best and I found some short sleeve tshirts I don’t wear anymore and cut the sleeve off pull it down over my head and the wide part fits perfect so I have a couple of them also, I was surprised nobody at Walgreens was wearing them I just went through drive through, will be so happy when this is gone and we can be released to the world again.

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