Same stuff

Another day I had no reason to leave the house today yesterday we had storms and when I got up electric was out to I took advantage and went to grocery store for senior hour they open an hour early for older peeps so I figured why not, only about 10 people there so it was easy to get in and out also stopped at Burger King for my morning coffee by the time I got home electric was back on.

I had a large teee in my front yard that was rotted pretty bad last week I had tree guy come and cut it down it was leaning toward garage so did not want to take a chance cutting it myself so now it’s down and cut and stacked just need to split and stack on porch

It was pretty cold out today and rain and hail so I suppose it was a good day to stay inside missed walking trail I did 5 miles yesterday felt lazy today but was just too cold and windy today. Let’s hope for an end to this crap, won’t be no Easter get together there is a take out restaurant in town that are selling Easter dinners I am going to order a couple and take one over for Mom I try to stay as far away for her as possible but this was she will have a nice Easter dinner.

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