Better weather

Today was much better for our morning walk it was in the 40s so very pleasant so much better than the horrible winter with cold and snow and it is almost 60 degrees out right now. I am getting a little bit of yard work done just a little I might get back to it I done know I should go buy some Easter candy for the kids baskets I don’t know .

I finally got my hardtop running after changing out the distributor exchanging points style for electronic it is a small cap so it looks pretty much stock I am happy about that it took some messing around I accidentally pulled on a wire under the dash and unplugged the ignition switch I had no power when I tried to start it but didn’t take long to figure it out, then I changed out the fuel filter I never should have bought cheap ones I cracked the plastic fitting where the hose attaches to and when I started it gas squirted everywhere then I also broke the next one that was the last of the cheap ones I learned my lesson there I still have to tweak the timing a little bit but it is running really good now so I am happy and time to get back on the other ones hood I am currently working on.

engine bay on my 57 hardtop

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  1. Hey, thank you for stopping by and your greetings! I remember you well from the days past! It’s beginning to feel warmer here, like a renunion of the old blog-mates…maybe we ought to organise a DD Relocation Party…I am sure there will be more of familiar faces soon…I mean – familiar names 😉

    PS your engine looks scary 🙂

  2. Wow. Your engine looks so much nicer than mine! It’s funny, I was at my brother’s house yesterday and I saw some leaves stuck up under the hood near the windshield wipers, so as we were talking, I lifted the hood and started cleaning them out and he looked at my engine and said, When was the last time you hosed this down?

    I asked, Can I do that?

    He laughed.

    I guess next time I wash Suzie Cube, I’ll lift the hood! Ha!

    1. Yes the link worked took me to your diary did you do it the way you described on Facebook comment ? I will try doing the same

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