Rainy Day

It has been raining all day so I didn’t get in my walk this morning it seems like it has been a real slow day I did get a few things done in garage and I ordered my driveshaft for my sedan it is done probably now but I told them I would be down to pick it up tomorrow after my morning walk the driveshaft is the key to getting a lot more done once. Get it and installed it then I can take her down off the blocks then I will order my windshield and get it installed am pretty excited to get to that part infact I will be able to drive it but probably wait to get the doors in.

Yesterday I went to a different trail to do some volunteer work on the rebuilt turntable and pick up a bunch of scrap it was a pretty fun day there is a lot of history there with the old railroad I guess at one time there was 13 tracks right there it was a pretty big operation.

coaling tower

This picture is the coaling tower along the track, what makes this so interesting is it was used to refill the tenders with coal on steam locomotives for fuel I really find that interesting right below it is where the tracks ran the locomotive would pull under it and they would get loaded up with coal I love that history stuff plus Right in that area is the other end of the tunnel that is getting restored when done it will connect both trails tunnel is 1/2 mile long can’t wait to get to ride through it.

south end of tunnel