September 4th

Time sure does seem to fly these days it is now September before you know it fall then winter will be here I have been getting out on my bike as much as I can just too a 22 mile ride last week on a new trail about an hour away there are 2 tunnels to go through and as I didn’t have a light I just turned around they are old railroad tracks turned into trails really interesting history with them

Not much else is new went to the last 2 bike nights that was fun. I bought a steamer pot so far I have steamed green beans, broccoli , corn on cob, hotdogs everything seems so much better steamed, oh took Mom to brunch had had this really good burger and brought home catfish dinner for later I have some for lunch and found it sort of bland I think I prefer cod.

Went to several car shows this summer there is one more then I am pretty sure I am sending the hardtop to body shop and I will continue working on sedan in my garage it is coming along. I am working on my extra bedroom it was a disaster in there I just stuck everything in there when I was getting ready for my new flooring and carpet I think I will get back on that today sort of a rainy day anyhow .