Busy day

Well I got in my morning walk, after getting home I started changing distributor in my hardtop it went pretty good I got right to the point where I need to add longer hot wire to coil needed to get under dash to find out where the present wire goes, that rat nest of wiring under the dash scares me so grab my flashlight and battery’s were dead so I came in changed battery’s and lost my ambition for the car. So off I go to a different part of trail got in another 3 miles that is 20,000 steps 2 days in a row so now I am done for the day I want to watch Coming to America II I heard it is funny

as warm as it is I was surprised there was still ice

Good Morning

Still another hour before I head out for my morning walk so cold this morning I think news said 18 degrees I will layer up but still chilly. I want back out yesterday for another hike I was not planning on a long one but this was a new part of trail for me so I ended up walking 4 miles really not all that far I guess but for me it was.

after I got home I moved around my one car last winter I backed it into the garage but I need to do a little engine upgrade I bought a new electronic distributor to eliminate the old points distributor and since I will be soon installing the hood on my sedan well the hardtop will be right there to compare.

This is the part of trail I was on yesterday it is beautiful out there I am glad I have a trail like that so close to my house


Well the snow is all gone however it is still cold out my morning walk was pretty chilly but better than yesterday 26 degrees with a slight wind but still made the 3 miles I am thinking I will go out again this fternoon for another 3.

Took mom out for breakfast as I usually do on Saturday she really likes that I had ham and cheese omelet and side of sausage patty it was good only ate half part of my weight loss plan is only eat half of what I order when I eat out it is working so far I just have to stay with it.

Wednesday I had my second COVID shot I did not have any side effects although Thursday I was really tired around lunch time so I took a nap for about 1/2 hour then I felt great and after 2 months work I finally got the underside of my hood painted.

Underside of hood after removing undercoating

Ok so I still need to work on appearance of my diary it’s sort of boring and generic , and still have not figured out how to see other people’s diary’s so will keep working on it might have to drop Steve a note and ask him how I will give it a couple more days as I am sure he is busy


Quick post

Good Morning , just a quick post before I head out for my morning walk the snow is finally gone it is still a little chilly out I think upper 20s like 26 but that is fine feels good to be walking on solid trail again.

I received my second COVID vaccine yesterday I got the Pfizer vaccine arm is just a little sore on the injection spot but other that that no side effects certainly glad of that , now that my diary been migrated I can begin posting and am going to try to post more often maybe late New Years resolution



This year for some reason winter time is really getting me down I still manage to get out on trails everyday according to my walking app I walked 147 miles last month I have hit a major and I mean major plateau with weight loss I gained some when Marley died and I broke my ankle and now I can’t seem to lose any of course I know why I am eating too much I just can’t get back into the swing of my eating habits when I lost all the weight I kept a daily journal so I look back on that so I know what I need to do but maybe it is winter time depression but I just say screw it and go ahead and eat too much it is February first so maybe might be prefect time to get back on track.

I am also in a rut with the car started stripping undercoating off underside of hood it is almost don’t ready for paint but there again I have stalled hopefully when winter ends things will get better.

A couple weeks ago I went for an organized walk on another trail I usually don’t walk on it was short only a mile but runs along the river and ended at an old railroad tunnel that is being restored it is a cold but fun day I think since the trail up in that area mostly flat and all runs along the river I want to start riding my bike up there when weather improves should be fun and build up my leg muscles so I can ride longer without stopping so often

That is me a little to right of center with orange hat it was a good day

Year is almost over

Well I am getting used to life without my beautiful Marley I still miss her everyday still no plans for another pup just don’t know if I will or not, I have a friend on the trail she walks 5 dogs I meet her and walk with them everyday, which brings me to my next issue, a week after Marley passed I was taking my trash over to the dumpster and to take it out to the curb, stepped in a hole and broke my ankle , this is not shit the worse pain I ever felt I mean worse it hurt so bad, that was October 19th just was at orthopedic doctor for a follow up X-ray and is is looking to heal pretty well I can now walk without pain or a brace it is not being back on trail only 3 miles per day but I am getting out I gained a bunch of weight that depressed me as it was so hard to lose it but I am back on track now just set back from my goals a couple months.

my car is coming along pretty well engine is in and runs well I had to buy new transmission that was expensive but that’s ok I needed it hopefully it will be on the road this spring

Our Governor just shut down the state for the next 3 weeks that is a bummer as I always take Mon out for breakfast Saturday Morning but I suppose it is for the best as COVID is so bad in PA it’s only 3 weeks I just feel bad for workers I think I will got for breakfast tomorrow and also maybe dinner it all ends Saturday so I will support local business while I can.


Crazy week

my Marley

Last Wednesday at 7:15 pm my Beautiful Marley died, she was not sick did not show any bad signs I went out to mow at 5:00 I came in at 6:00 and she was laying on living room floor laboring badly to breath I went and looked up the vets number and there she was standing up wanting outside, so I let her out she peed then came back in and laid down again then back up and back outside to poop ok I figured she seems ok now then came back in laid down in living room and was looking for me out in the kitchen so I went and laid down with her was petting her telling her she would be ok then she died just like that, My daughter used to work for a vet and she said it is not unusual for that breed to have enlarged heart and it will get to the point where their lung fill up with fluid, I guess that is what happened, she said 10 years was good for her breed she used to see them die like that at 7 or 8. I miss her so bad it has been a week and I am still devastated it is so lonely and quiet she was with me for 8 years slept with me every night now just like that she is gone, so heartbreaking the only consolation is I was laying there holding her when she died and she knew I was right there with her.

We need rain

Things sure are dry here we are in middle of drought although I did hear it rain last night not much but any little bit will do my poor tomatoes they turned red but were little not cherry tomatoes they just did not get very big.

still sticking with my trail walks 4 to 5 miles per day I met a very nice lady who walks her 4 dogs almost everyday we became friends and I usually walk with her every day and help keep the pups in line It is fun and makes time go a lot faster I am now down 48 pounds, now that sounds good but it has taken me a year and half to do it I just keep working on it everyday I am determined to make it to 180 , I am 212 right now so it is slow but it’s working.

Work on my sedan so far

Been moving along on my sedan the cowl and windshield corners are repaired and now it is primered Need to scuff it up a little and hit a few spots I missed so hopefully by Thursday it will be ready for paint, I have never painted so my brother said he will come and spray it I am anxious to see the color on it and that will motivate Me to keep on it, the hard top seems to be running well the fuel gauge quit I had to drop the tank again but it is fixed again.

Weight loss journey

Well so far losing weight has proven to be quite difficult I think it was easier to quit smoking I have been seriously working on this for over a year I think I started last Year in May lost 10 pounds then Mom got sick in August then taking care of her I did not do much losing through the end of the year, started hitting it hard in January all in all since last May till now I have lost 45 pounds, another 30 to go and if takes me another year so be it I just need to stay at it and be patient it does get discouraging sometimes when the scale won’t move for an entire month, that happened in June. But eventually it does go down, I cut back on walking I now walk 4 miles per day that extra mile didn’t seem to make a difference.

Mom is doing a lot better that lime disease really messed her up she is still having eye trouble and is not driving and add corona on top of it well it has been rough on her but she is doing well now.

that’s it for now life goes on looking like we might be having another stay at home order if positive tests continue to rise in my neck of the woods.hope one day it will end .

Starting work on my sedan making good progress and soon I will be ready to install engine it is coming along, I think it was a bigger job than I realized it would be But I just keep plugging away as soon as it starts taking shape I will post pictures not much with now to look at but heck I am retired and have the time.