catching up

Now that we are working again Friday Night was the Late model Outlaws it was a great race we had a lot of fun I have never seen the track so crowded they made a gang of money Friday Night that’s for sure we all bet on the races on a usual Friday it is only $1.00 per race but being this was a special ocasion we bet $2.00 on each heat race I won the first one they had 6 heat races that was the only one I won then we all put in $5.00 for the Feature race but insead of taking turns picking we put the top 9 car numbers on a hat and all took turns pulling numbers I got #1 it did not look good till the last 3 laps the entire race my guy ran 3rd then he pulled it together and passed the 2 leaders and won the damn race I won $45.00 Too cool.

We had to work for a couple hours this morning so I bought breakfast it was the least I could do then got our work done and I took off on my Heritage it was sunny and 66 degrees it was great I had to go to Mom’s to take care of some leagl business then we went on into town for lunch I took my time getting home it was a beautiful day out, Summer is for sure here I mowed today I was dreading since as soon as you start it never seems to end but it was nice even mowing I hate winter…

I was totally out of food so after the sun went down I went to Giant Eagle to stock up they had Strawberrys on sale buy one get one free so I bought 2 and a container of Strawberry Cool Whip and a container of regular they were good Strawberrys too I ate almost a full container already, I got home to start putting my stuff away and here was a package of Dutch Loaf in my bag I never bought Lunch meat but I like it so another bonus I almost went and took it back but I figure heck with it I will just keep it after all I spent $75.00 on food..

I am going to watch Space Cowboys and try to get some laundry done tomorrow is going to be cold and raining so I am going to try to get my truck fixed she is not making any heat it is not overheating so that rules out the thermostat I but in a Temp control valve I am going to try to flush out the heater Core but there are so many switches and crap under the hood it is hard to tell without a repair manual that will be the next step it flushing does not do the job..

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

Another Tuesday

The nice weather has been holding up quite well I am sooo happy winter is over I guess the older I get the harder winter is on me.

I was talking to a driver today and he told me about his son who got laid off and went back to school and being a displaced worker he had all kind of financial help he is going to get me the persons name to talk to at the unemployment office. I have been looking inot schooling for the last year but it just seemed so hard with my bills and full time school and it just seemed like too much but any more that is all I can think about I found a school in Pittsburgh but i dread driving into town everyday but this school I found is not all that far away from me so I am going to follow through. I first got this idea one evening when I was stressing over the job ending I was driving home at night and I realized all the houses have electricity, What better profession to be in but residential electric everybody needs it and has it so at that point I made up my mind even at my age I think it is going to be a good move and with being laid off I can collect unemployment while I am going to school…

I got my mower deck on Sunday and my tractor serviced and ready for mowing my new grass is starting to come up I have these 3 big maple trees in my front yard and when the leaves come out the grass dies, every spring I replant it and by July it begins to die by August it is all gone but by then I am sick of mowing then the leaves fall it is just a vicous cycle…

That is all that has happened since Saturday, Friday I have an appointment with the attorney to sign all the legal papers for Mom’s Power of Attorney then that will be done and out of the way..

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

Nice Weather

Finally decent weather is upon us in PA Races were fun Friday night no rain and nice and warm they lasted late I did not get home till after 1:00 AM I went right to sleep becuase I knew today was going to be a good one. I did not have anybody to ride with today so the local Harley shop was having an open house from 9:00 till 3:00 to I went and fueled up and thought I would go there and hang out for a while I left here around 10:30 Damn that place was crowded they could have done a better job with the parking but after dodging people for a while I finally found a good spot there was sooo many bikes there I was hoping to take a demo ride on a VRod but way too many people in line so I passed on that and the food line was just as bad I was not all that hungry so I just wandered around outside looking at bikes I ran into a few people I knew and was invited on a couple runs weather permitting I will go one is May second going up to Tionesta that is always a fun place to go I was up there a couple times last summer….

I saw a Boss Hoss I have heard of them but never seen one it is basicly a 502 cubic inch V8 engine with a couple wheels and a seat craziest thing I have ever seen and as I walked around it I saw a nitrous bottle attached Damn the guy would have to be nuts to ride that although secretly I would love to try it out LOL way too much power there for 2 wheels I saw the guy leave of course he put on a show for us it sounded great…

After leaving there I just went for a nice long ride it made it up to 78 degrees today it felt soo good I finally made it home and did a little yard work very little it felt good just to sit out on the porch and have a cup of coffee I think maybe we have winter just so we can better appreciate when it goes away and becomes spring….

My state taxes were rejected I reversed 2 numbers on the school code so I repaired that dumb little mistake I found I could not resend it electriconly I have to print it and send in regular mail, it was no big deal till I found my printer needed ink of all times to run out of ink I just used it for a couple bills I have for mailing in the few bills I can’t pay on line so sometime tomorrow I need to make a trip to Staples for a new ink cartriage.
Nothing is easy…

Tomorrow sometime I have to do a little work on a plant I have in my bethroom I don’t know what it is called but it smells like Vicks Maybe it a vicks plant anyhow it is looking a little sad lack of moisture I guess I have a problem remembering to water my house plants so tomorrow I am going to replant it I also broke the plastic pot it is in and it is so big I want to make it into 3 different pots Mom needs one it will not be too long till I can take them all outside..

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

Done !!!

My Taxes are finally done I had planned on doing them yesterday but I had forgotten about a dinner I had to go to Yes I cheated Dr Atkins, But before the dinner I came home from work at 4:00 to shower and change and I got a call from the shop I just left that one on the mechanics got hurt, this guy who called me is always joking around so I did not believe him at first then he said the ambulance is on it’s way I said Ok and went back just as I was getting to the garage I saw the flashing red lights, Sure enough he did get hurt but not all that bad he cut the top of his head and it was bleeding but not all as bad as everybody acted they all over reacted I just wish I would have stayed a couple more minutes I would have just taken him to the band aid center myself he just needed 2 staples in his head he was back to work and all better today…

I started my taxes as soon as I got home today and to my dismay I owed $751.00 I was expecting only about $400.00 like last year I had enough to pay it but just barely at least payday is Friday I still have $55.00 to last till then but my bike payment is due Monday LOL it never ends I will have enough I will just have to pay my bike insurance in 2 payments instead of all at once, I had to use my big computer for all these taxes and stuff so I could print it I ususaly use my laptop out in the kitchen this old girl resisted a little bit it has been a while since I had booted it up but after some coaxing she agreed and we got it all done…

One of the guys I work with who is also getting laid off in june had an interview after work today with another company it did not turn out too well and he was a little down so I took a break and we went down the road and had a couple beers and i bought him dinner I guess just to talk to him and let him know everything will work out Ok He said he wanted to go where I was going because I don’t seem worried about it, Well,I am I just don’t show it because they all look to me for reassurance Hell I don’t have a clue as to what I am going to do I am just good at making a shitty situation look good or at least reassuring them it is not the end of the world….

Well I am beat and going to go to bed…Night Night

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

Another week

Well Easter is over for another year it was a pleasant day I ate too much as usual it was good to see the girls and grandkids, Dad seems to be doing good he was up with us all day and ate a good dinner it was nice to see him feeling good….

It rained all day today and the same for tomorrow but light at the end of the tunnel this weekend it is looking like sunny and warm so we know what I am going to be doing so I hope the weather idiots are correst I really need to get out and ride…

Tonight I found all my tax stuff and tomorrow night I am going to do it I hope all I have to pay again is $400.00 like last year it usually takes about 2 hours I always do it on line and of course since I pay I wait till the last minute no sense giving them their money till I have to..

It never got above 40 degrees out today so I decided to light a fire after work but of course I did not have what little wood I have left covered so it was wet fortunatly I had a little bit of dry wood inside so that was enough to get it going then I bought in a nice pile and it is now dry I will be glad when I don’t have to mess with the fire but then I will be bitching about it being too hot some people just can’t be pleased I guess…

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

Night at the races

Friday was a good day i got up at 4:30 AM that was not easy my friends showed up at 5:30 instead og 5:15 but we still got there in time and had a good breakfast and the speaker was great he is an ex Navy fighter pilot and now motivational speaker he really kept my attention which is rare at that hour of the morning, After that I went to work there was no school so not a whole lot going on I did a couple jobs I needed to get done while the buses were all sitting then I came home at 2:20 I was so tired I took a small nap and woke up with the nastiest headache it really hurt this is unusual as I don’t get too many headaches so I finally took 3 Advil and laid down again and it ended up going away. so by 5:00 I was getting ready to head out and my neighbor stopped with an estimate for the lane repair *sigh* just what I needed here where I live 4 house share a lane to get to each of our houses it is a right away actually it is an old main highway anyhow the estimate is for $3800.00 to be shares 4 ways it does need done but this is not a good time for me to lay out another $1000.00 I went ahead and signed off on it and told her I will figure out a way to pay so this month so far I need $1000.00 for the lane, $700.00 for my bike insurance, and $500.00 for uncle Sam since I live alone the government feels it needs to take a whole lot more of what little money I have = $2200.00 it never seems to end, I really don’t have to pay for the lane as it is a right a way but to keep peace with the neighbors I will pay they all needed agreements for their mortgage to keep the lane updated but I did not have to have one but I still feel obligated….

The races were good no rain so the entire race was ran it did get cold though I wore a sweatshirt, heave coat, gloves, and i took my old tatered sleeping bag with all that I was comfy I hate to be cold I got home around midnight and decided to light the fire and stay up for a couple hours to watch some TV then I was off to bed around 2:30. This morning I was up at 7:00 and just loafed around I cleaned up a bit then took a shower now I am going to to Kmart for a few supplies…

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

week almost over

The last couple days went by pretty fast I got a lot done at work today at one of the garages I take care of had a Easter party lot of good food it was what they call a pot luck lunch there was everything there and all kinds of desert I certainly ate my fill I was so stuffed but it felt good not to care and just eat away I will pay for it though…

Tomorrow Morning is the Men’s breakfast at the local church I have been going there with my co workers for almost 20 years on Good Friday it is a good gathering and we always have fun we are meeting at 5:15 I am usually up by then but not ready to go so I am going to set my alarm for 4:30 and we don’t get the day off I am going to be totally beat by the end of the day then the weather report looks good so we will be going to the races Friday Night…

Of all the times for this to happen I found another Bike I want to get it is a 1980 Sportster in fact it is my old one the guy who bought it from me has let it sit for Oh maybe the past 5 years in a shed out back of his trailer that is sad as that bike really ran and looked great when I sold it to him now it is rusting and does not run and the front brake calipers are froze up He said he wants $3000.00 for it Now in this area that is a good price for a Harley and the work it needs really is not that serious I can easily get it running again
but the problem is spending $3000.00 right now with my job soon ending *sigh* what to do I am going to have to think on that some more…

It seems the rain has maybe left us for a while but will be back of course on Easter too bad I will be going to Mom’s for the day she always cooks this big huge spread for us plus i will have a chance to visit with dad some

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

better weather

It is Tuesday much warmer than the weekend and beginning of the week I got home from work a little early today 3:30 to be exact sometimes I get to do that I guess it is about the only advantage to being paid salary instead of hourly…

I went with Mom today for her to make some adjustments to her will and for me to sign the power of attorney papers I also made out my own will I thought I might as well that way I can be sure all my belongings will go to the girls I was surprised the inheritance tax in Pa is only 4.5% I thought it was much more that is still a lot but what are you going to do. After we got done there we went out to lunch I had a hot Sauasage sandwich it was sooo big I brought 1/2 of it home but it was delish so I already eat the leftover so my eating is done for the day…

A friend of mine went on a cruise and brought me back *peeks out the window looking for dark colored 4 door sedan lurking* 2 cartons of cigarettes for 31.50 what a deal that was less that 1/2 price I was pretty happy with that I like when good things happen for a change.

Weight loss is still going good although it has slowed down a bit but I think that is a good way to lose it I weigh 176 now a far cry from 202 but I still have a long way to go my perfect weight according to what I have read is 154 so I still have some work to do….I miss Cheese cake ;-(

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

Productive day

Toady started out at 6:00 AM I don’t know why in the heck I was up that early on a Saturday but I was wike awake, I had breakfast and did dishes watched a little bit of news then went shopping all I was going to do was get seed for my front yard but ended up getting all my Easter shopping done I came home had lunch and seeded my yard, did some laundry then decided to do the Easter baskets I make 4, 2 for Sam and Alex (grandchildren) and I still make each of the girls baskets even though they are 30 and 26 I still like to do it Bertha was not much help she kept trying to get the jelly beans, but I got them done and had to hide them from her LOL Just like a little kid…

I bought another movie The Rundown, it was pretty good I watched that earlier then after dark I shut off all the lights and lit my candles and watched Gothika What a spell binding movie I was on the edge of my seat the entire time it was great even if it was not I really like Halley Berry my favorite of hers is Swordfish, and I did laundry off and on during it thank goodness for Pause, Oh and I also bought a new pair of Jeans they were on sale at Kmart so what are you going to do…

Ok it is Midnight so I am going to set my clocks ahead and going to go to bed I have had enough fun for one day

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

No Races

I am not sure why but the races were cancelled they were called before noon and it did not even rain after lunchtime but I guess they have their reasons besides I would have froze it is in the 30s right now so I guess it is just as well. I came home around 5:00 and just took a little speed nap for about 15 minutes I came out to the kitchen and noticed I had a message on my cell it was a text from my daughter she heard races were cancelled and wanted to go out to dinner on the off race season we always fo out and have dinner together every Friday Night anyhow I texted her back and told her OK but too late she already ate I don’t take my personal cell to work with me as I have a company cell phone so no sense carrying 2 so by the time I saw the text message it too late, it was just as well they had a nice healthy lunch for everybody at the garage I was at today I had a nice big piece of Fish, 4 Perogies, toss salad, and apple Pie with vanilla Ice Cream so needless to say I was not hungry anyhow…

On another note I am not sure if I have a problem with Bertha or not she lost weight nicely so I decided to up her food intake to 5 cups a day I always feed her in the evening and the last 2 nights she ate then threw up she may be eating too fast she does not seem to be sick she is her normal self so I am going to try to feed her 2 1/2 cups in the morning and 2 1/2 cups at night and will see if maybe that makes a difference I just gave her the night feeding and she kept it down OK so I hope that is all it is…

I bought “Gothika” AO left me a comment saying it was a good movie so I will watch it maybe tomorrow being (Not meaning to Bitch again) it is going to be like Feburary all weekend highs in the 30s and snow, Sunday is the Blessing of the Bikes Rally up near Erie, I am going to be a skirt and not go 37 degrees and Snow I used to do the polar Bear run on New Years day and that was with my Shovel with no windshield and I survived it but maybe I am getting old but I just can’t take the cold like I used to, I brought my Heritage home last year on April 5th, that will be her first Birthday on Monday,and it was 38 degrees but for some reason I did not notice too much on that ride till I got home then it hit me and I never warmed up the rest of the day but I sure was smiling all

It is 10:30 I suppose I am going to wind down for the evening I have a toasty fire going on I will bring in a little more wood and call it a night…

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉