No Races

I am not sure why but the races were cancelled they were called before noon and it did not even rain after lunchtime but I guess they have their reasons besides I would have froze it is in the 30s right now so I guess it is just as well. I came home around 5:00 and just took a little speed nap for about 15 minutes I came out to the kitchen and noticed I had a message on my cell it was a text from my daughter she heard races were cancelled and wanted to go out to dinner on the off race season we always fo out and have dinner together every Friday Night anyhow I texted her back and told her OK but too late she already ate I don’t take my personal cell to work with me as I have a company cell phone so no sense carrying 2 so by the time I saw the text message it too late, it was just as well they had a nice healthy lunch for everybody at the garage I was at today I had a nice big piece of Fish, 4 Perogies, toss salad, and apple Pie with vanilla Ice Cream so needless to say I was not hungry anyhow…

On another note I am not sure if I have a problem with Bertha or not she lost weight nicely so I decided to up her food intake to 5 cups a day I always feed her in the evening and the last 2 nights she ate then threw up she may be eating too fast she does not seem to be sick she is her normal self so I am going to try to feed her 2 1/2 cups in the morning and 2 1/2 cups at night and will see if maybe that makes a difference I just gave her the night feeding and she kept it down OK so I hope that is all it is…

I bought “Gothika” AO left me a comment saying it was a good movie so I will watch it maybe tomorrow being (Not meaning to Bitch again) it is going to be like Feburary all weekend highs in the 30s and snow, Sunday is the Blessing of the Bikes Rally up near Erie, I am going to be a skirt and not go 37 degrees and Snow I used to do the polar Bear run on New Years day and that was with my Shovel with no windshield and I survived it but maybe I am getting old but I just can’t take the cold like I used to, I brought my Heritage home last year on April 5th, that will be her first Birthday on Monday,and it was 38 degrees but for some reason I did not notice too much on that ride till I got home then it hit me and I never warmed up the rest of the day but I sure was smiling all

It is 10:30 I suppose I am going to wind down for the evening I have a toasty fire going on I will bring in a little more wood and call it a night…

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

Something’s Wrong

We seem to have a weather problem here in PA it is right now 36 degrees and it rained all day and on top of that is snowed that is just wrong It is April it should be 60 degrees the rain I can understand but this cold has to go…

I went to the bank after work I had to deposit my mileage check and I got a bonus in the mail a couple days ago, about 6 months ago I got this letter about a law suit against Associated Consumer something about them overcharging for insurance I paid little attention to it and here in the mail I get a check for $56.75 can’t complain I guess that is my cut of the settelment amount so I got my banking done then came home and thanks to Monstergue I had the greatest Omelet I started with 4 eggs (way too big) then added leftover porkchops cut up from the other day I added diced onions and swiss cheese then after I folded it I topped it with Hot Pepper cheese it was so good but I could only eat 1/2 I put the rest away for breakfast, dishes are done and I am going to loaf the rest of the evening in front of the tube…

That’s it for the day I guess there will be more bitching about the weather tomorrow it is suppose to be cold like this all week…

Oh one more thing my truck is trying to breakdown first the door ajar light stays on I suppose that is just a switch inside the door panel but still a pain to change and today it quit making heat the temp guage was OK so that pretty much rules out the thermostat so I think it is the switch in the dash for the heat control It is a 1996 Ford Ranger I bought it brand new off the showroom floor and it has now a little more than 50,000 miles in it I suppose it is due to be giving me greif but so far nothing I can’t deal with…

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

Wet Wednesday

It has rained all day today and never got to be over 50 degrees and that seems to be the way it will be all week, People are bailing at work our book keeper quit and we have a temp in I know I should be patient because she needs time to figure things out but… I turned in my mileage log over a week ago and I went up today to check on it and she told me she put it in my interdepartmental mail box on Monday well I know for a fact I had no mail on Monday, or Tuesday, or Today, I told her I had no mail or check and all she said was she put it in my box, Now it is $180.00 that is a lot of money not to mention the wear and tear on my truck, I was so pissed, I did a couple other things then called my GM and told him for a change he was good about it and said he would stop payment on the check and issue me a new one then about 1/2 later the temp called me on my cell and said she found my check mixed up with mail for another garageI said that could not be because you put it in my mailbox she said I thought I did, At this point I decided to be nice and said thank you, I must be patient she is a temp and she will catch on….

I finished up my laundry tonight I have a fire going on it is toasty in here. Mom called me today she made an appointment with an attorney she wants to give me Power of Attorney over Dad if anything happens to her I agreed I am not sure of this I am anxious to talk to the attorney……

other than being wet all day and the crap with my mileage money it was rather uneventfull it is always good to be done with Wednesdays hopefully Thursday and Friday will go by fast and the rain holds off for Races Friday Night it will be cold but we always have a good time I love dirt track raceing, last Friday was opening night they raced till about 10:00 it started to rain and they called it after 8 laps of the Sprint Feature race but at least we got some raceing in and it was not too awfully cold.
Damn now I am craving Chocolate Cheese Cake Thank you Bobbi LOL

Enjoy Life

Winters Back ??

After work today I lit the wood burner it was cold and rainy all day I am almost out of wood I should have enough I figure I have 2 weeks left if I conserve I usually fire it up in the AM but tonight I had to use it again I do have gas furnace for heat but I just hate having that big gas bill I have heard people with as much as a $300.00 bill just for one month I still pay for heat this year I was lazy and bought my wood already split I used 2 dunp truck loads so I actually have $400.00 invested in winter heat but still it is cheaper and I really like using wood heat I have a small house so a small free standing wood burner heats the place up nicely and I hate to be cold…

Deb stopped down after work (Girlfriend) we have not talked for 2 weeks things just are not working out we broke it off tonight it was sort of a mutal thing we still went out for dinner and were civil, It is just the Chemestry was not there I think, plus she has a tendency to push and try to rush along the relationship that was not working for me with the stress of the job it was just getting to be too much it had to be done. I had Shrimp Alfredo(Apologys to Dr Atkins) for dinner it was great I love seafood now I feel so stuffed and lazy I did bring in wood for morning but that is about it I have a couple loads of laundry calling me from the basement but it will have to wait I have clothes for work in the AM so I will get back on that horrible job tomorrow…

I went to the vet office and gave my daughter the deposit for vacation this summer (She works there) we are going on a weekend horseback riding trip it is up near Wellsboro by PA Grand Canyon we ride about 8 hours up into the mountains then Camp will be set up for us and dinner will be cooked we spent a little bit more for the comfort it sounds like it will be a blast a couple years ago I went up to New York to a Dude Ranch for a week that was fun I love
horseback riding, I think it is sometime in July I guess I better find out and mark it on my callander

Enjoy Life

Don’t care for Mondays

Hello Diary,
Monday is over finally I don’t really like Mondays I can’t wake up I slept in till 5:45 and just could not get going but I did and I guess for a Monday it was not all that bad but it seems like everything I have to do at work these days is geared toward final shut down I have not heard anything but rumors about severance pay and I found I am budgeted my salary till the end if July happy Birthday Huh a pink slip, I need to get out of this mood about the job 80% of the time I am fine with it you know one door closes another one opens but the other 20% I get a little down about it. I have been here for 23 years it is just hard to change Most of the Equipment is going to be transfered to Topeka Kansas 20 units will be sold that is what I have been working on is getting the paperwork filled out and all the equipment checked out and Emailing the forms to Corporate so they can pre sell them as I still need it all till June 7th.

I was in the mood for Pork chops so here after that fiasco with the hamburger and my ring yesterday I forgot to seperate them I always put 2 per package then I can cook only 2 and that will do me for 1 dinner and 1 lunch but I forgot and threw the whole package in the freezer *sigh* I am just going to cook the whole package and hopefully I can finish them before they go bad I will be sick of Pork Chops by the time I am done, On the bright side I can comfortably fit into my 33 waist Jeans *Pats self on the back* Thank you Dr Atkins I weighed 177 this morning even after blowing it at the races Friday night and the Strawberry Shortcake at Mom’s Sunday.

I took Bertha to the vet for her shots and a petacure LOL she hated that but now her clawls are all nice and short and by the way she weighed in at 94 pounds she lost 36 pounds over the winter, So new diet guaranteed to work Eat
only 4 cups of weight managment dog food per day

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

Great Day

It warmed up to 70 degrees today I loved it I took off around 11:00 took the long way to Mom’s we ate around 1:00 the girls were there as well as my grandson I enjoyed the visit, Dad’s health is going downhill everyday that bothers me I must begin going down to visit a couple times a week instead of just the weekends I don’t want any regrets beside neither of my brothers go to visit him so he really enjoys when I go down. Dr Atkins is frowning on me right now but what are you going to say to Strawberry Shortcake. I needed some supplies from Giant Eagle so I forced myself to bring the bike home and put it away and took the truck to the store after I came home and put everything away I began making and freezing my hamburger patties after I got done I went to wash my hands and realized my pinkie ring was missing *sigh* I proceded to dismantle all the burgers but to no avail I figure some day I will find in inside a hamburger, I went out to the garage to lock up my girl and set the security system and just for the heck of it I checked my gloves and sure enough there was my ring I could not even remember it not being on that bike just puts me on cloud 9

Tim 😉

The Perfect Bike

To answer ChefRichardM’s comment that is a tough one I have been riding most of my life I started with a 380 Suzuki I was hooked then I bough my first Harley it was a 1972 Sportster I loved it I kept it till my girls moved back in with me after the divorce they were 3 and 5 years old and anybody who is a single parent knows after that there is not much time for anything else so I sold it I did wothout till they began their teenage years then I bought a 1980 Sportster shortly after that I got a great deal on a 1978 Lowrider then I sold the Sportster to keep the bigger bike which has kept me content till last year when I bought a 100 Anniversary Heritage Softail, Back to your question what is the best Harley to buy for a novice rider the best thing to do is take a safe riding course get licensed and spend some time at the Harley shop some shops have demo’s that you can test ride and simply find which one is most comfortable for you they are however very expensive so it certainly is a major decision, Personally I love all bikes my friends ride a lot of different types of bikes and we all have a great time, give it a lot of thought decide what you want, buy it, and have fun.

Think Spring

I have kept a private diary on my computer for the last 3 years I decided today since I read a few other diarys I will start my diary here today, It was beautiful out today almost 70 degrees after the long and brutal winter I needed it I just had to take the Harley out today but of course since I had the security system activated all winter the battery was almost dead so off comes the seat and I threw about 1/2 hour charge to it and she fired up it was great I only rode about 50 miles but it felt so good I am looking forward to tomorrow it is suppose to be 70 something I am going to Mom’s for dinner it is my nephews birthday so she is making dinner plus the girls will be there I always like to visit with them